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Welcome, and nice to meet you!

My name is Lotte, and I am the recipe maker and content creator behind Leafy Lemon.

Born and raised in the land of the tall (The Netherlands), I am currently adventuring in Montreal, Canada with an amazing partner and two crazy adopted doom floofs called Pablo & Floki. I’ve been a huge animal lover since the moment I was old enough to be able to pet anything that moved. It was only natural for me to eventually embrace the wonderful vegan lifestyle!

I discovered quickly that plant-based eating is very exciting, and not at all boring or a limitation. It is a culinary adventure that takes you on a journey of flavors. Once you move away from the usual plate trifecta of carbs/veggies/meat, there’s a whole world of delicious experiments waiting for you! Sharing amazing vegan food quickly became a passion, and Leafy Lemon now allows me to inspire people from all around the world with easy delicious recipes.

What will you get from Leafy Lemon?

A lot really! Aside from helping the animals and the planet, by learning more about Leafy Lemon you have already taken another step towards a healthy lifestyle. Awesome! Further below you can read more on what plant-based eating is and what it can do for you.

Let me inspire you with delicious, easy, and healthy vegan recipes (minus the odd cheat day)! Myself, I get bored easy with what I eat. My goal is to bring you lots of diversity in the recipes on Leafy Lemon. I want you to be excited! Without having to slave over a meal for an hour, whether it’s for your wonderful self, or a whole dinner party.

What is vegan / plant-based and why?

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